Lessons From Legends of Low Code

I recently participated in a multi-day competition as part of Salesforce’s inaugural Legends of Low Code. The Legends of Low Code was a contest where three strangers were teamed up and given a challenge to build a solution in Salesforce using only declarative tools.

So IS it possible for a newly formed team to quickly deliver results? Well you’ll have to watch the show when it airs in April on Salesforce+ to find out; but here are some observations I had on teamwork from competing in this event.

Communication is key. This means that you have to listen to your teammates. Obviously there will be times when each team member is working on their assigned tasks so plan to have regular touch bases. These touch bases are your opportunity to share and discuss ideas, issues and progress towards goals. If possible, use shared tools for collaboration such as Slack, Teams, Google Docs or Quip instead of everyone having their own notes or working off different versions of the same document.

Respect each other. Sure you are under a lot of pressure but that is no excuse for forgetting your please and thank yous. Show support and encourage your teammates. Studies actually show that respect at work increases productivity, A big part of respect is trusting your teammates–remember they are professionals too.

Lastly, as with any sports team, a true team means everyone is pitching in and contributing. So quickly discover everyone’s strengths and interests to determine how everyone can best use their time. While doing so find ways to get to know your teammates and try to build a bond. Remember you are a team– and succeed or fail as a team–so provide support if someone gets stuck.

Hopefully some of these tips will come in handy for you at work. After all, most people frequently need to collaborate with new people in other departments on projects. Salesforce is a powerful tool but if the team developing it is struggling then it won’t be as successful as it could be.