There’s a Tab for That

If you’re like me you might be working on one Salesforce task when someone calls you to work on something else. Instead of clicking away from what I was working on (and risk forgetting) I just open a new browser tab. It’s one of the beautiful things about working in the cloud. You can have dozens of items in flight at once.

Because Salesforce is web based not only can I use multiple browsers but I can also use multiple tabs to truly help me multi-task. As you can see by this screenshot, by default each tab is labeled  so I can quickly jump between one item to another.

Salesforce Tabs with Title tags

To open up a new tab you can right-click and select {Open Link in New Tab} but when you do that dozens of times a day it can get old fast. Fortunately there is an easier way – just configure your mouse so clicking on the middle button or mouse wheel opens a new tab. If you don’t have a middle button you can also open a new tab by holding the CTRL button and left-clicking. Either way will save you a few clicks each time which will add up to some serious time-savings.

Opening new tabs is a great tip for both admins and end users. For example, end users can use it to look up a new contact while still keeping the first contact window open.

Word of advice though, be sure you save any critical information before leaving a tab. Also keep in mind that the related lists will always reflect the most current state when ever the window is refreshed.